Bioscribe Electronic Fish Measuring Board

Bioscribe Electronic Fish Measuring Board

Hallprint is now the exclusive global supplier of the amazing new "Bioscribe" electronic fish measuring boards produced by Reality Check in New Zealand after almost 10 years of development work.  These boards are by far the most durable, waterproof and capable electronic boards available on the market. The savings in terms of reduced labour costs and reduced recording errors/data loss can be many times the initial outlay over a relatively short time period.

Please contact us now to discuss the exciting opportunities that can be created by these boards for your research work, whether this be for your hatchery work, tagging study, commercial survey or another project.  Please download our current brochure below for full details (Adobe Reader needed).


  • length measurements to 1.4 m
  • accurate to within +/- 0.5 mm
  • full QWERTY keyboard
  • inductive sensing stylus input
  • built in RFID/PIT tag reader (optional)
  • fully customisable decal layouts with hotkeys
  • waterproof - IP67 and IP68 standards
  • continuous operation - 15 hours on battery
  • built from impact and scratch resistant materials
  • permanent in board data storage with embedded Linux computer
  • wireless or wired real time data transfer
  • sends data directly to macro enabled Excel over WiFi, RS232, USB or ethernet
  • data acquired directly from A&D or Marel marine weighing scales
  • award winning design!

Download: Bioscribe Overview Brochure   bioscribe_overview.pdf  1.03Mb

The Bioscribe measuring board is supplied in a robust Pelican case with all cables, power supply and extension adapters. The Bioscribe is waterproof, dustproof and shock proof (IP676) and easy to operate in any conditions.

Waterproof cable joins for stylus, mains power, and RS232/USB/Ethernet connectivity (unit is also has WiFi connectivity)


Bioscribe electronic fish 800 mm measuring board with 600 mm extension (allows 1400 mm)

Fish measurements and a range of fully customisable hotkey recordings are taken with an inductively coupled sensor stylus

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